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Among various diseases, cancer has become a big threat to human beings globally. As per Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer in India was high and alarming with about 806000 existing cases by the end of the last century. Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. This is owing to the poor availability of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

The Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation – A Charitable Trust created in 2005 with a purpose to generate cancer awareness for prevention & motivation for newly detected cancer patients inclpoouding emotional, psychological, financial and rehabilitative help.

Facilitating early detection
It also nurtures happy moments for those who have won their war over Cancer and designated as CANCER WINNERS which are real backbone of the organization.
Cancer & Allied Diseases

The trust is created with the objective of spreading education or learning in the fields of Cancer and allied diseases which includes

Promoting awareness in the society regarding cancer, its early detection and intervention and educating various ways and means for prevention of cancer.
Helping poor and needy patients from all the walks of life professionally by providing free or concessional treatment and/or to provide financial help for meeting medical expenses for cancer treatment.
Organise, hold, conduct or participate in various conferences, forum and exhibition relating to cancer.
To institute award, scholarship, prize or recognition of any nature to felicitate person or organisation contributing significantly in the field of cancer.
To extend professional and financial help to organisations, trusts, hospitals, supporsort groups working in the field of cancer.
To provide settlement and rehabilitation opportunities to cancer patients.
The Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation (ACF) provides monetory help to the cancer patients for their treatment and promoting awareness in the society regarding cancer. For eradicating menace of cancer, ACF has done many activities right from school level (around 20 plus schools), colleges, various platforms of society such as police personnel along with creating happiness for cancer winners through social activities such as River Front Walk, Kankaria Carnival – Cooking Competitions etc. The major initatives taken by organisation for the cancer awareness are sum up in the below project report.
The Book - 10 / 10

(10 on 10)

The Book written by inspirational author, columnist and editor of Chicken Soup series, Ms Raksha Bharadia

The Book - R.I.P

Breast Cancer

In line to awareness and motivate to the society for breast cancer, Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation

Social Cause and Awareness Programme

Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation was successfully organised programme on social cause and awareness from tobacco and smoking [..]

Impact On Society

India is a sub-continent with wide ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic diversity and variation in the health care infrastructure. The health care facility pattern is heterogeneous, with numerous regions where the benefits of the awareness, early diagnosis, and multidisciplinary treatment programs have not reached. Poverty forces many elderly patients to leave the costly treatment incomplete. Many other do not even start the treatment.The Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation comes to the aid to such needy people with the team of well known and experienced doctors who help them with their cancer treatment. The trust also conducts cancer awareness and cancer detection camps.

The Book 10/10 is appealing the society for fight against cancer disease and provides collection and source of Inspiration and motivation in the true sense. The book, an initiative by Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation, is based on narratives of 10 head and neck cancer winners who have survived more than 10 years. All Survivors is provided the true meaning of life. In this book,SHRENIK SHAH as businessman ( Chemical Export Business ), Shah's story sets the tone for the book, a fight that made him lose his voice, but he wooed and won life over once again. He was operated in 1996 for advance voice box cancer and underwent laryngectomy (removal of the entire voice box) and second story is on AMITA MODI (as homemaker), Energetic and enthusiastic Modi was detected and operated with oral cancer in 2002. Hers is one of the few examples where cancer didn't happen due to tobacco. The cause was chronic dental trauma. After Amita Modi's story, Collection of Inspiration is going on and on for further next remaing stories.

The incidence of breast cancer is low in India, but rising. Breast cancer is the commonest cancer of urban Indian women and the second commonest in the rural women. Owing to the lack of awareness of this disease and in absence of a breast cancer screening program, the majority of breast cancers are diagnosed at a relatively advanced stage. The quality of care available for breast cancer patients varies widely according to where the patient is treated. Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation emphasis on health education, early diagnosis of cancers, and more public facilities for cancer treatment are expected to bring about the much needed improvement in breast cancer care in India.

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